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Single widget and API for users to buy, sell and swap their cryptocurrencies. Utilizing our smart selection engine to suggest the best provider and payment method based on the users location.

The challenges facing crypto users

Non-existent ramping solutions

Non existent ramping solutions for cryptocurrencies in emerging markets where cash and mobile money is widely used.

Poor User Experience

Only 85% of transactions are successful through crypto ramping providers when using payment methods such as credit card.

Multiple Integrations

Businesses have to conduct multiple lengthy and costly integrations with some averaging onboarding fees of up to 25K.

A simple & seamless widget & SDK

Creating a seamless, safe and simple money experience for everyone.

FLUUS Widget

Buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies using multiple payment methods including cash or mobile money with the best rates. Swap between multiple cryptocurrencies instantly.


Integrate FLUUS right into your crypto product and get access to an aggregate of on/off ramp solutions including our FLUUS Pay network.


A more customized experience when transacting large amounts of digital assets. Our OTC desk caters to both individuals and institutions seeking a more private and tailored approach.

Global coverage like you’ve never seen

180 Countries

100 Fiat Currencies

200 Cryptocurrencies

75 Blockchains

28 Cash & Mobile Money

How FLUUS Pay works for you

Experience the power of FLUUS Pay

Familiar global and local payment methods

Typical payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, mobile money, and even Cash.

Fast Verification and Onboarding

We stop bad actors, and not customers

24/7 Customer Support

We make a customer, not a sale

Competitive Fees and Rewards

Crypto users will appreciate the best fees in the industry

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Connecting cutting-edge innovation with humanity. FLUUS creates a seamless, safe and simple money experience for everyone.