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The story of FLUUS

FLUUS is a story of a team fighting for a global identity, from the humble beginnings of a refugee camp, FLUUS is utilizing the power of blockchain to solve issues of financial inequality between countries.

The transaction of money across the world is inequitable

developing world

By building global solutions that cater to underserved markets, FLUUS promises to evolve the crypto ecosystem to connect the whole of humanity to better economic opportunities.

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A force for change

At FLUUS we believe in being a force for change, evolving the crypto ecosystem to boldly overcome financial barriers in the developing world.


With great change comes great responsibility. New economic systems need to not only be effective but also fair to be trusted. At FLUUS, our experienced team embraces fairness, compliance & transparency.


We prove our organizational expertise through cooperation, empathy and engagement. Working with NGOs, businesses and individuals to cross-pollinate emerging, existing and unimagined technologies for cross-sector opportunities.


We’re focussed on the positive long-term opportunities and impact our technology can deliver. Drawing on our expertise, assets and reach to equip, collaborate and horizon-map together with users and developers. Blazing a path towards our vision for a more prosperous developing world.

Connecting the dots between crypto services

Zero onboarding fee

A single & straight forward integration that offers multiple crypto services

Revenue sharing model

Multiple vendors that increase coverage for customers, this leads to higher conversion rates and increase in revenue

Global access to crypto ramping with multiple payment methods

Faster time to market

Safe and Compliant

An all in one widget with intuitive UI to buy, sell, swap crypto

Smart selection engine that recommends the right providers with the best payment methods and fees, based on location

A solution to create a wallet using traditional SSO logins for new crypto users

A token to earn real yield generated from FLUUS cash flows

The ability to buy/sell crypto to cash & mobile money

A service for organizations operating in challenging or high-risk environments, such as conflict zones to deliver aid funds instantly.

We support international aid organizations to provide vital financial services to war zones.

Successfully off ramped >$1 million in aid services for an I-NGO in Ukraine

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